Yr. 1 Dash Board – Youth Reinvestment Program

Year 1 of our CA Board of Community Corrections – Youth Reinvestment Program Dash Board.

Year 1 was a success.

It has been an honor to collaborate and work the City of San Bernardino Municipal Government – Community Prevention Programs on California Board of State and Community Corrections Youth Reinvestment Grant.
Some data captured on the success we had in the first 9 months of the program collaborating with Urban Conservation Corps of the Inland Empire. We look forward to the next 2 years creating opportunities for youth to succeed in life.
A recap of our mission and goals of the program we are providing San Bernardino:
The City of San Bernardino (SB) has been challenged by high levels of crime for decades; likewise, the juvenile population has been negatively impacted. A multitude of factors influence the situation, including: lack of employment, poverty, low levels of education, higher than average school dropout and delinquency rates. These factors create an environment ripe for criminal and gang activity.
The purpose of San Bernardino Youth Reinvestment grant program is to implement an evidence-based, culturally relevant, trauma-informed, and developmentally appropriate
program initiative that addresses the unique needs of youth (ages 14 to 21) that are at risk of or are fluctuating between the child welfare and juvenile justice system.
The San Bernardino Youth Reinvestment grant program will achieve this through the development of a coordinated best practice system of diversion referrals. The program will also use evidence based best-practice Wrap around Case Management
and Social Services, as well as the use of a trauma-informed evidence-based curriculum Operation New Hope. The program will also weave into its program restorative justice
where young people will be involved in community services throughout the City, as well as vocational training through the local Certified Conservation Corps.