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Our mission is to mentor and educate under-served youth and provide them with life skills and pathways to success.

Our Vision:

ONH envisions a community in which all youth, without regard of their living situation, have an equal opportunity to pursue their goals and dreams, and an equal likelihood of achieving them.

Our Service:

Increase the success rate of those classified as “dropouts” throughout San Bernardino County by providing our Evidence Based Practice (EBP) of case management, educational opportunities, leadership development, and our career pathway programs. With these supportive services, we are confident that we can assist San Bernardino County in achieving more success of the disconnected youth. Foster Youth, Teen Parents, Homeless, Mental Health, and those experiencing the Judicial System.

What we do:

Out-of-school youth often seek services from community based organizations or public agencies. Understanding the challenges of this population, Operation New Hope (ONH), in 2010, formed a successful collaboration to create a Youth Opportunity Center to provide meaningful life skill resources for disadvantaged youth. As a result, ONH was able to stimulate, sustain and engage “dropout” youth into comprehensive services in San Bernardino County. Since 2010: 3135 students have completed our Career Pathway Program, 411 have graduated with an accredited high school diploma; 83% entered employment, enrolled in higher education or technical schools.

Operation New Hope Youth Opportunity Centers are trauma informed learning centers that provide innovative educational and vocational services for transitional age youth who have not succeeded in a traditional environment.  The successful results produce a healthier individual and community.