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Workforce Pathways for Youth –

San Bernardino County Workforce Development Boards – Department of Labor initiative – WIOA – Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

The Workforce Pathways for Youth program expands job training and workforce activities for young adults ages 16 – 24. Bridging the gap between their existing activities and the need to expose young adults to career-related services to empower them to enter the workforce.

Eligible youth, ages 16 to 24, can access a variety of career and educational services through WIOA funded programs. These services are designed to help enhance job skills, develop leadership qualities, explore career options, participate in adult and peer mentoring opportunities, and take advantage of work experiences.

  • Life skills
  • Soft-skill development
  • Career exploration – build a career portfolio.
  • Job readiness – resume, time management, SMART Goals, interview techniques
  • Certification – Career Technical Certificates – Health Care, Trades, County Jobs,
  • Summer work experience
  • Year-round job opportunities
  • Apprenticeships – access to enroll into the Inland Empire Apprenticeships programs.