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Michael Rook – Alumni 2010 – Student approved:

Just wanted to stop by and thank u and everyone at onh for everything I wouldn’t be the man I am today without you guys. Mahalo e nui loa

Shelly Lopez – Alumni 2015 – Student Approved:

ONH Definitely was the best thing that ever happen to me. thank you guys all for the support through out the years!

Illiana Mendoza – Proud parent – parent approved


Operation New Hope.. Often times is the Last Hope to help and teach kids, who have problems learning with traditional in the box school methods.. This school goes above and beyond in their care for the kids that attend.. They can be used as an example and inspiration for other Teachers, who are stuck with in their everyday ways of teaching. Great work everyone!

Damien Hurt – Student success story – Student approved

I went to ONH in 2000/1999. Only time I got straight A’s, and actual attention from teachers. Russ, Bill, and the whole family are a part of the story. if you’re having trouble in the public school system, and have no direction ONH offers that and more. it’s a family, check em out.  Damien’s self testimony of his life journey…I came from a train hopping hobo, backpack, eating out of the garbage, sleeping outside every night in the hood, the woods, the swamps, desert you name it. Close to 15 years on my own in the worst parts of our country. I had a kid, quit a hardcore heroin/everyday drug habit, been off paper since 2017(record was expunged) been to almost every main jail in the country, and got clean, raised a beautiful daughter, got my GED, got in to college and have been maintaining a 4.0 GPA since May 28th, got my first car, first account, first phone, first time clean for a long time, worked day and night to move across country for school and a better life for me and my family. ANYONE can do this, ANYONE can ride hard and rise up, strong faith, commitment, goals, work hard, and a realization that life goes up n down and isn’t all peaches n cream when you build up. We got shot down, hit hard, and are constantly tested day in and out. It’s those of us who keep taking the punches, who get hit the hardest by life but keep moving forward. Onwards and upwards no matter what! Keep that grit by any means necessary!!! The values and teachings I got from Operation New Hope stayed with me throughout the years. I’m 34 years old now, as a young impressionable 14 year old I paid a price, I’m still paying that price to this day. Much Love and Respect Russell Degnan ONH hardened me, it turned my world into a constant quest for knowledge and a unquenchable thirst for life. Gracias amigo, ML&R to The ONH Family & ONH Homies. Love y’all.

Terry Romo – Proud Grandma – Grandparent approved

Onh has been a great school for my granddaughter, who deals with High anxiety, and very behind in school credits, in which the the public schools where not able to. I’d like to thank all the staff especially Coach Robert Sega for leading her into the right path. I’m so proud my grand daughter will be graduating 1 year early form school and has more confidence in her. Thank you for all your support and help. I would recommend Operation new hope to all those who have trouble in regular school.

Cindy Hulbert – Proud Mom – Mom approved

I’m Kelsey’s mom. It if weren’t for your amazing program I don’t think she’d have the job she has now. I know you are FB friends but the job @ Rancho gave her the experience to get the job she currently has. She is working @ an animal specialty hospital 10 min from our home. She works 2 days as a trail guide in the Hollywood Hills. She has her own horse and has purchased an unborn foal that she will train herself. I believe the program in Rancho gave her so much hope. The traditional program was not her style and she was unable to succeed. Since graduating from your program she has moved from one opportunity to the next. I love my girls and releasing her for a yr. for an opportunity to feel successful was so worth it!!! I am a nurse but seeing your program in action gave me so much passion for what you do, Kelsey’s sister graduated from Glendora High and in comparison to the speeches of high achieving academically successful students to the heartfelt gratitude of your students that worked and struggled through adversity the speeches that really touched my heart was what I heard from your graduating students. I don’t know if there’s a place for someone without a background in education but it’s been on my heart since Kelsey attended the school. I pray for the amazing work you do and the lives that are forever blessed by your program. Blessings!!! Cindy Hulbert (Kelsey’s mom)

Proud Father and ONH Graduate (2001). I wouldn’t be the father I am today if it wasn’t for ONH and the belief they had in me as a troubled young man. Thanks Russell Degnan for all you and family did for us. Happy Fathers Day!!