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Title II is funded by California Board of State Community Corrections

The overall purpose of the Title II “Youth Opportunity Pathways Program (YOPP) is to divert youth away from the juvenile justice system. The program reinforces small successes while addressing the youth fears of the real world. The program is designed to mentor and educate disadvantaged youth and provide them with life skills and pathways to success. Utilizing Operation New Hope’s evidence-based trauma informed curriculum. San Bernardino County youth will complete 16 group sessions using a series of lifestyle and life skill treatment modalities in an integrated educational approach to healthy decision-making.

  • Improve the basic socialization skills necessary to successful reintegration in the community.
  • Alleviate the need for or dependence on alcohol or illicit drugs.
  • Improve overall lifestyle choices (social, education, job training, and employment).
  • Reduce the individual’s need for gang participation and affiliation as a support mechanism.
  • Reduce the high rate of High School dropout.

These principles address the behavioral antecedents believed to be most responsible for further entering into the judicial system. A youth’s inability to function and adapt to the norms of society is seen as a lifelong problem attributable to the early family socialization process and exacerbated by poor school performance, alcohol and/or illicit drug use, and strong attachments to negative peer groups.

All youth enrolled in the program will participate in a restorative justice program. The restorative justice program will focus on diverting youth from the juvenile justice system, reduce recidivism, as well as focusing on the needs of victims and the community where the crime occurs. The Restorative Justice Program will engage youth in visible and valuable service-learning projects designed to restore the community such as urban parks and neighborhoods. The program design provides youth opportunities to build on leadership skills, enhance their decision-making skills, teamwork, and encourages youth to take responsibility for their own actions.

Through the restorative justice model, service-learning projects connect youth back to the community in a positive way and give them a sense of engagement in their community.  The service-learning component helps develop leadership skills by linking career exploration and improving community engagement.  The YOPP program is designed to promote a collaborative approach so youth can be leaders and provide civic engagement for positive change in their community.

The YOPP program runs 12 weeks that will help youth understand the need for a new belief system. The 12-week program is developed for cohorts of 10-15 youth attending life skills workshops twice a week and completing a community service project and or a restorative justice learning project weekly.




Assemblymember James Ramos Operation New Hope Youth Reinvestment Program San Bernardino City
Operation New Hope Youth Reinvestment Program San Bernardino City CA Board of Community Corrections & Assemblymember James Ramos