"The most important of our time is in our people and in our youth." - Nouman Ali Khan

Your past does not define you! The Next Generation Breaking the CycleBreaking the Cycle

ONH Youth Opportunity Centers restore youth and communities. Providing disadvantaged youth with mentors and educators who equip youth with essential life skills and vocational resources to build a road map to succeed in life.

Evidence Based Youth Program

ONH has designed an evidence-based cognitive-behavioral program that has a proven track record of forty years to successfully address traumatic life experiences. ONH trauma informed curriculum has received the endorsement by the Office of Juvenile Justice Department. The program is designed to assist chronic, high-risk youth with their navigation in the community after traumatic experiences.


Our mission is to mentor and educate underserved youth and provide them with life skills and pathways to success.


ONH envisions a community in which all youth, without regard of their living situation, have an equal opportunity to pursue their goals and dreams, and an equal likelihood of achieving them.

"Educating and supporting our youth is the best way to invest in a properous future." - John Adriance

Evidence Based Youth Program Youth ProgramsYouth Programs

ONH envisions a community in which all youth, without regard of their living situation, have an equal opportunity to pursue their goals and dreams, and an equal likelihood of achieving them

Life skills

ONH has developed an evidence based youth program designed to equip disadvantaged youth with tools to overcome trauma. Research completed by: Cal State San Bernardino and University of Irvine’s Criminal Justice Departments (Life skills ’95), participants were less likely to be arrested, use drugs, displayed greater improvements in social behavior, and were more likely to be employed compared to the control group.

Youth Reinvestment Program

The YRG Program is a diversion program that utilizes evidence-based case management and workforce development strategies targeting youth who are labeled drop-outs, system involved, high level offenders on formal probation, and/or non-probation high risk youth in needs of services. YRG focuses on violence prevention best practice needs in reducing and or diverting youth from the justice system and equipping them with life skills to build a road map for success.

Prison to Employment Program

The Prison to Employment Initiative provides resources for direct services, supportive services and earn learn opportunities to the formerly incarcerated and justice-involved individuals. Providing training, education and career opportunities to individuals who are/ or have been justice involved. Supportive services are provided to ensure individuals receive the necessary resources and supports for success in attaining permanent employment.


A Mentor with the Operation New Hope is a caring, responsible, adult volunteer who serves as a trusted friend and guide to an ONH student. ONH Mentor’s help to ensure that the student develops important academic and life skills, is exposed to new opportunities and a wide array of resources, makes positive life choices, stays in school, and graduates with a plan for pursuing post-secondary education.

Case Management

Utilizes the best practice Wraparound Case Management system. Youth are assessed for specific risk/needs through comprehensive risk assessments. Case Managers will review the three assessments with the youth to develop an Individualized Service Plan (ISP). The ISP includes their personal, educational, and workforce goals. The ISP maps out the practical steps they need to achieve their goals of developing a road map to success.

Workforce Development

Our strong lasting community partnership with San Bernardino (SB) County's Workforce Board, SB County's Workforce Development Department, SB County America's Job Centers, and SB County Youth Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act partners, youth are enrolled and supported with the Leaders in Workforce Development.

How to Write Quality Goals and Objectives by Funding For Good

It does not have to be hard to write quality goals and objectives. Whether for grants, strategic planning or program design, there are some easy steps to follow for success.

There are a few steps you can take now, to ensure you will write quality goals and objectives that are usable, easily understood and can be measured and tracked.  Read the view article by Mandy Pearce…


Recruiting and Retaining Educators of Color Matters
All students benefit from having educators and
administrators of color. Studies show that when schools
are more racially and ethnically diverse, students’
academic performance improves, more positive role
modeling occurs, teachers and students tend to be more
culturally aware, and students are less likely to hold
implicit biases in adulthood.
While the number of educators of color has grown
in recent years, studies also show that schools and
districts struggle to recruit and retain newly hired
educators of color. Educators of color, who are more
likely to enter the profession from alternate career
pathways, cite experiencing an antagonistic school
culture, navigating unfavorable conditions, and bearing
high costs as reasons for leaving the profession.
Improving both recruitment and retention of educators
of color is critical to building inclusive and welcoming
learning environments for both students and educators.

We rise by lifting others in Need

Creating opportunities for Youth to succeed in Life.