What We Do

Operation  New Hope  is a community outreach non-profit organization that has partnered up with John Muir Charter Schools to help young adults achieve job readiness skills and a high school diploma. Located in the City of San Bernardino and Rancho Cucamonga, California… our diverse and highly qualified staff includes credentialed teachers, mental health counselors, case managers, and special education providers. We specialize in extensive support services for at-risk young adults age 16-24.

Integrated with the ONH program is job training and job placement in conjunction with the federal Workforce Investment Act. We work closely with the Department of Rehabilitation as well as many local Probation departments. Our proprietary Life Skills curriculum is blended with WASC accredited academics, providing the tools for students to earn a real diploma (as opposed to a GED) while working at a paid job that earns our students credits!

Our High School Diploma program facilitates outside-the-box thinking with Project-Based Learning (PBL).

*With PBL, students are allowed the freedom to choose the subjects for which they earn credits. Moreover, students are allowed the freedom to create their own customized method of demonstrating content mastery. Traditional exams are becoming a thing of the past. Students here are encouraged to learn and prove their knowledge in alternative modalities that cater to their personal strengths and interests. Students at Operation New Hope enjoy greater control and creativity compared to what is offered at traditional schools.

Operation New Hope utilizes a small learning environment with individualized instruction. We customize each student’s work and assessments to more accurately reflect their true knowledge and capacity. Our campus is open to any Californian who wishes to attend. Most of our students qualify for monthly bus passes and/or gas cards to facilitate transportation to and from campus.



Operation New Hope (ONH), founded in 1980, is a unique program focused on personal growth, changing lives one step at a time. ONH opens the eyes and minds of its participants causing them to reflect on the “ism” of I, Self, and Me. Operation New Hope’s unique teaching concepts and methods highlight the importance of accountability, responsibility, and dependability. Everyday is a new day to manage one’s lifestyle. ONH serves individuals by creating an atmosphere where one does not feel judged or accused, but accepted.

It is our mission to teach essential life skills that will help to bring balance into the lives of the participants. The end result is lifestyle change rooted in personal responsibility.