Evidence Based Trauma Informed Workbooks – Student Edition

Evidence Based Trauma Informed Workbooks – Student Edition


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Operation New Hope is an evidence-based trauma informed, violence prevention, and substance abuse program that is uniquely designed to be flexible and interactive.

The program has been extensively tested and proven effective at reducing youth entering or re-entering the justice system, bullying, substance abuse.  Research demonstrated youth developed critical life coping skills; building awareness of trauma, mental health awareness, developing healthy relationship skills, and the development of a new belief system (self-esteem).

The program reinforces small successes while addressing the fears of the real world. The program is designed to treat at-risk youth by using a series of lifestyle and life skill treatment modalities in an integrated educational approach to healthy decision-making.  The program can be taught either on an intensive schedule (two or more times a week) or on a more extended schedule for programs with a robust weekly schedule.  Both formats have proven to be effective.

The program has three workbooks:

3 Workbooks

  1. Discovering the root of the Trauma – Understanding our Distorted Belief System
  2. Lifestyle Management – Developing Healthy Decision Making, Support System, and Lifestyle Choices
  3. Substance Abuse – Discovering our own recovery program

The purchase of the Teacher edition is provide as our Curriculum Guide.  All 3 workbooks are provided with additional lesson plans, activities, worksheets, and class chart.


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